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When regional economies are strong and secure, farmers, fishers and families are able to thrive and live up to their full potential. The Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (NDPI) Foundation and its partners are working to make that possible in the region.

The path to prosperity is built on opportunity

Despite an abundance of natural resources, far too many people living in the Niger Delta lack the opportunity to run the kinds of businesses that drive economic development and bring stability.

NDPI, a U.S.-based nonprofit established by Chevron Corporation, works with market-based, community-owned programs to mitigate conflict and boost opportunities for local businesses. We coordinate on-the-ground action through the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND)listening for and responding to community needs as they arise.

Generations of poverty and conflict cannot be changed overnight, nor by any one organization, so our approach is based on a combination of many perspectives, coordination as a team, and action to address multiple challenges simultaneously.

Making an impact

To make a real impact, people living in the Niger Delta must be able to champion and continue their own successes. To support this goal, we:

  • Invested in new palm fruit processors that enabled millers to increase their profits by 40 percent while reducing processing time from hours to minutes;
  • Created the Partners for Peace (P4P) Network—with nearly 7,000 peace actors—targeting pockets of instability and using regional monitors to diffuse disagreements through hundreds of interventions and more than 5,000 town meetings, and;
  • Brought leaders together through NDLink, an online community that tracks projects and shares lessons learned to constantly improve the way we work.

Through our programs focused on economic development and peace building, we solve the problems that need to be solved. Together, by working across sectors, industries and geographies, we empower people to create and keep jobs, end conflict and ensure a more prosperous future. When the Niger Delta thrives, Nigeria thrives.

Learn more about our programs and results.


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