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Our Results

Informed by data and guided by market demands, we work to affect change in the Niger Delta.

Through our programs focused on economic development and peace building, we confront difficult issues. It is not just the jobs we help to bring and the conflicts we work to mitigate. What matters—and what will provide the foundation needed for continued progress—are the minds and behaviors our work changes, community-by-community and network-by-network across the region.

Since 2010, we have:

  • Worked with more than 500 organizations
  • Provided thousands with training, access to new technologies and economic development centers
  • Brought over USD $100 million in additional investments into the region.

Our economic development work has:

  • Leveraged over USD $5 million in new economic development investments
  • Created over 8,000 new jobs
  • Increased the productivity of over 400,000 workers across the cassava, palm oil, and aquaculture industries and over 5,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Increased incomes of beneficiaries by 92 percent, increasing net income by over USD $33 million

Our peace building work has:

  • Helped mitigate hundreds of conflicts across the region
  • Created Partners for Peace (P4P), a network of over 7,000 peace actors
  • Established P4P chapters in every state in the Delta
  • Produced the most comprehensive publicly-available dataset on conflict in Nigeria

Our enabling environment work has:

  • Established an information and communication platform for stakeholders in the Delta (NDLink) and grown it to more than 3,000 members
  • Yielded more than USD $830,000 in investments in government capacity and transparency projects supported by our implementing partner through formalized partnerships with state governments and federal government commissions
  • Reached more than 5 million through media and strategic advocacy to champion peace