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Economic Development

Economic opportunity is a key pathway to prosperity, but the current environment in the Niger Delta provides far too few options for growth. To address this, our Economic Development Program takes a market-based approach to help grow the region’s most promising sectors—cassava, palm oil and aquaculture (fish farming). Our projects are informed by ongoing research and analysis and designed to enable these sectors to increase efficiencies, boost profits and, ultimately, raise the incomes of people working in them.

Each of our programs aim to increase capacity, create connections and build platforms.


  • Connect farmers with training to improve practices and productivity
  • Link farmers with technologies to improve harvesting efforts
  • Improve capacity of local associations (e.g., farming associations) to serve members and communities


  • Bring sectors together to help local farmers’ products meet demand
  • Improve policymakers’ understanding of opportunities and constraints in local agricultural markets


  • Establish Economic Development Centers
  • Showcase affordable water, sanitation and energy efficiency technologies


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