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Partners Criteria

Working with our partnersin-country, around the world and across the public and private sectorswe take on the sources of instability in the Niger Delta. We address local needs and markets, so that behavior change lasts. Our solutions work because they are responsive, flexible, and locally-owned and -implemented. Learn more about why this work matters.

Our partners share a common interest in peace and economic growth in the Niger Delta and in setting the region on an upward trajectory. Through our partnerships, we link people, organizations, projects and resources, creating networks far stronger than an individual organization standing alone.

Across our programs, NDPI partners with the private sector, global foundations, donor government agencies and international aid organizations.

To partner with NDPI, an organization must:

  • Champion diverse interests, cultures and approaches
  • Share interests in developing a specific project, but be flexible in pursuing ideas and opportunities beyond that original scope
  • Include team-oriented, highly motivated, and diversely qualified individuals with a passion for the project the partnership develops
  • Be able and willing to adapt a project’s designs and plans, if evaluations necessitate change
  • Value long-term project results over short-term results to justify continued support
  • Share values and guiding principles for how to achieve sustainable social and economic development

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Nigeria-based organizations and implementors work directly with our on-the-ground partner, the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND). Learn more about: