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For decades, widespread violence across the Niger Delta has left the region in chronic instability. Nearly half the population are affected by poverty and armed conflict.

Without a stable environment, economic growth cannot take root, and vice versa, which is why NDPI works at the intersection of these two issues. Our Peacebuilding Program tracks and assesses security threats, provides conflict resolution training and peace education and fosters collaboration. It is powered by local partners and volunteers who make up networks of peace actors.

As with each of our programs, the Peacebuilding Program aims to increase capacity, create connections and build platforms.


  • Provide planning, conflict assessment and mitigation trainings
  • Offer strategic guidance and planning support to chapters of the peace actors network, Partners for Peace (P4P)


  • Establish the P4P Network


  • Track violence by location, date, source of conflict and other indicator as a record and basis for further analysis and action
  • Connect peace actors through social, digital and traditional media
  • Champion nonviolent messages


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